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the going rate/price/salary etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe going rate/price/salary etcthe going rate/price/salary etcBCOSTthe usual amount you pay or receive as payment for somethingthe going rate/price/salary etc for Thirty dollars an hour is the going rate for a math tutor. going
Examples from the Corpus
the going rate/price/salary etcOne can of C rations was the going rate.State law now prohibits insurers from denying coverage to small businesses or charging them more than 20 percent above the going rate.It typically is charged twice the going rate as the criminal inmates housed in the same facility.A million pounds is the going rate for an ordinary player in today's inflationary market.What is the going rate for bodies in Cairo, Mr el Zaki?Who is it that sets the going rate for our work?At the going rate of half a million dollars per minute, there is no time for truth.Or holiday-depending if he's got the brains to get the going rate on betrayal.
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