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the good book

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe good bookthe good bookold-fashionedRRC the Bible so far so good at far1(8), → give as good as you get at give1(34), → while the going’s good at going1(4), → hold good at hold1(14), → for good measure at measure2(8), → pay good money for something at money(5), → bad/good sailor at sailor(2), → that’s/it’s all well and good at well3(4) good
Examples from the Corpus
the good bookAnd by the way, I still believe Dermot Somers' was immeasurably the better book.So which is the better book?The best life for a writer is the life which helps him write the best books he can.Male speaker I think it's the best book I ever read.The Bourne Identity is the best book I've read or ever will read.All by all this is one of the better books on chemometrics.The result is a candidate for the best book on illuminated manuscripts ever written.I gave her the best books To read; she read them greedily.
the Good Bookthe Good Bookthe Christian Bible Good Book
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