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the greater/major part of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe greater/major part of somethingthe greater/major part of somethingmost of something They controlled the greater part of North Africa. part
Examples from the Corpus
the greater/major part of somethingThe filtered beer is tank conditioned, but the greater part of output has a secondary fermentation in the bottle.Their discussion comprises the major part of the story, with the Professore arguing the old dialectical materialist line.Many of those who call themselves farmers because they still own land derive the major part of their incomes from non-agricultural occupations.For the Third World or rather the underdeveloped world these questions have existed for the greater part of this century.Her objective was to acquire Transylvania, and she now at once invaded that country and quickly occupied the greater part of it.But people tend to drink caffeine on a regular basis over long periods of time-often the greater part of a lifetime.I already had a stitch scar running the greater part of my left leg.No council can hope to sack a large portion of its staff, who take the greater part of its expenditure.
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