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the hard left/right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe hard left/rightthe hard left/rightpeople who have extreme left-wing or right-wing political aims and ideas syn far left/right, extreme concerns about the re-emergence of the hard right in some areas hard
Examples from the Corpus
the hard left/rightBut what happens when you want so much to be right, you end up helping the hard right?Too little, say the Tories, too much says the hard left.They were stars of the hard left, but we have heard little about them during the election struggle.Labour moderates win over four of the hard left by agreeing that the cuts shall involve as few compulsory redundancies as possible.Mr Steve King, leader of the hard left, denounces his fellow-councillors as dunderheads, nincompoops and dolts.The showing for the hard left was disappointing.
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