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the headlines

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe headlinesthe headlinesNEWSthe important points of the main news stories that are read at the beginning of a news programme on radio or television headline
Examples from the Corpus
the headlinesI just have time to glance at the headlines before I leave for work.There were major changes within the various invertebrate types, although these seldom caught the headlines.This is the six o'clock news. First, the headlines..There is an even greater need for good advice, particularly away from the headlines, in agreed as opposed to hostile transactions.Only a life-or-death issue such as a liver or heart will hit the headlines.What about those Usenet newsgroups that have been in the headlines recently?With all this in the headlines daily there was no hope of preventing gossip.But close observers say the headlines may mask a more fundamental truth.Blondin eventually denied that story, though he waited until the headlines died.
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