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the height of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe height of somethingthe height of somethingMOSTthe busiest or most extreme part of a period or activity syn peak the height of the tourist season height
Examples from the Corpus
the height of somethingAs the height of summer passes, the method must change again.Such is Wotan, who raises up his favourites, only to cast them down at the height of their glory.He was in his mid-fifties, at the height of his skills and powers, and he went back to the plant.He decided to kill of the beloved character while still at the height of his popularity.The defense budget is higher than it was at the height of the Cold War.At the height of his career his whole estate, including his patrimony, was probably worth rather more than £1,300 a year.At the height of the crisis, Johnson had been besieged by liberal critics.We wanted to avoid the height of the tourist season.What's excessive or disgusting to a vicar's wife may be the height of pleasure to a pop star's.This answer reaches the height of absurdity.
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