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the home of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe home of somethingthe home of somethinga) INVENTthe place where something was first discovered, made, or developed America is the home of baseball. b) PLACEthe place where a plant or animal grows or lives India is the home of elephants and tigers. home
Examples from the Corpus
the home of somethingThere was no telephone in his in-laws' house and he had had to call from the home of a neighbor.Two-thirds of the London sample were employed in the homes of artisans, publicans and victuallers.Some girls have to do domestic favours in the homes of their male teachers if they can't make the cash payments.She grew up in the home of a very kind woman.The island is the home of some fascinating wild life including alligators, which should be treated with respect.Today it is the home of John and Hazel Cork who renovated it after years of neglect and a serious fire.Rafah, the home of many of the murdered labourers, was especially tense.Knowing that her remaining twin was in danger, she rushed to the home of a friend who drove her to hospital.
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