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the Host

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Hostthe HosttechnicalRRC the bread that is used in the Christian ceremony of Communion host
Examples from the Corpus
the HostThe night before, he had been the host at a reception for 500 delegates.The business might one day be sold off, wound up or nationalised by the host government.Manoj Prabhakar had earlier taken 4-41 to dismiss the hosts for 219.A description of the feature located at that point can also be entered into the host computer using a keyboard.After about 12 months the host mistletoe is usually either dead or severely weakened.The population dynamics of the predator could be co-ordinated to that of the host population in an anticipatory way.Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol on the host is a prerequisite.Extensive branching leads to numerous contacts with the host, and ultimately covers the host with a tangled mass of vines.
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