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the inside

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe insidethe insideIN/INSIDEthe inner part of something, which is surrounded or hidden by the outer part opp the outsideon the inside The apple’s rotten on the inside.the inside of condensation on the inside of the window The door had been locked from the inside. inside
Examples from the Corpus
inside ofWith that dulled little blade in his right hand, he began drawing it slowly across the inside of his left wrist.The use of small glue blocks along the inside of the joint is also a good idea.Not long after, Lexandro also tumbled - not down the inside of the heat sink, but certainly parallel to it.Roland, her damp mittens dangling from the insides of her stained coat sleeves.He heard a thunk as some one hit the crush bar on the inside of the stage door.All we saw was the inside of the hotel and the inside of a cricket ground.The inside of the church I now know well.The inside of the theater boasted more substantial fare.
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