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the job/labour market

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe job/labour marketthe job/labour marketBEthe people looking for work, and the number of jobs that are available The job market has been badly hit by the recession. market
Examples from the Corpus
the job/labour marketAnd the labour market is the invisible global bazaar where survival-life itself-is traded for work.How do I re-enter the job market after being a full-time mom?I first entered the job market more than 30 years ago.However as she grows older, and perhaps re-enters the labour market, domestic tasks are shared more equitably.For some who can work, corporate downsizing and increased competition in the job market have led to self-employment.In particular, the real wage will adjust spontaneously soas to prevent the emergence of excess supply in the labour market.By focusing on wage profiles it is possible to show contrasts between different segments of the labour market.This trend is likely to continue, restructuring the job market into two distinct tiers.
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