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the ladies

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe ladiesthe ladiesa) British EnglishTOILET a women’s toilet syn ladies’ room American Englishthe gents’ b) a word meaning women, often used humorously His boyish good looks made him a favourite with the ladies. ladies' man lady
Examples from the Corpus
the ladiesThe ladies' room is just around the corner.He advised the ladies to walk towards the town and wait for the men at the first hotel.He disappears from Grimworth, and the ladies there learn how to do their own baking again.As a young man, Francis had an eye for the ladies, until he became gravely ill.Back in the kitchen the ladies whispered together, then asked me how much I paid Chutra.Some of the ladies were being helped indoors to the restaurant by the waiters.Wait for me outside. I'm going to the ladies.Jean had gone off to the ladies when the manageress came to lead them to their table.Rackam was supposedly a tall, dark-eyed, handsome man, and a great hand with the ladies.
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