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the larger issues/question/problem/picture

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe larger issues/question/problem/picturethe larger issues/question/problem/pictureALL/EVERYTHINGmore general facts, situations, or questions related to something The book helps to explain the larger picture in the Middle East. large
Examples from the Corpus
the larger issues/question/problem/pictureBut the larger picture is systematically distorted by the military and political calculations concerning the strategic uses of information and disinformation.Too much, and the larger picture might become apparent.It has come to have a bearing on the larger questions of civilized survival.That ignorance is at the root of geophysicists' struggle with the larger problem of how the whole earth works.You failed to connect the various elements together or to move through the detail to the larger issues of the painting.Here we are concerned with the larger problem of the relationship between men as a class and other animals as a class.She was blind to the larger picture that involves building and maintaining good relationships with both fellow-workers and superiors.Mission-driven budgets relieve legislators of micromanagement decisions, freeing them to focus on the larger problems they were elected to solve.
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