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the last/final word

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe last/final wordthe last/final worda) DECIDEthe power to decide whether or how to do somethingthe last/final word on The final word on policy determination belongs to the committee. She has the final word on whether policies are put into action or not. b) SAY/STATEthe last statement or speech in a discussion or argument The last word must go to Nick, who has organized the whole project. Why must you always have the last word in any argument? c) in sports, the last hit or kick in a game, especially when it is successful Adams had the final word with a last-minute goal. word
Examples from the Corpus
the last/final wordThe final word rests with the board.Let that be the last word.But the final word must be reserved for the destructive, disruptive role played by George Bush's administration.By no means has the last word been written on the quantum Hall effect.He had learned to let Leah have the last word.But the project belonged ultimately to the pupils and they should have the last words.Dana was opinionated and liked to have the last word in an argument.So they do; but that is not the last word, only the first.Intimacy is probably the last word anyone would use in connection with the Coliseum.
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