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the last minute/moment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe last minute/momentthe last minute/momentthe latest possible time before something happens Travelers will find it hard to get a hotel room at the last minute. He never makes a decision until almost the last moment. last
Examples from the Corpus
the last minute/momentAt rest the cricket looks like a dead leaf, but it transforms itself at the last moment.Fortunately, Chrysler dropped the idea for such a fin at the last minute.I can not chuck them at the last minute.Perhaps he could arrange for Anthony to go sick at the last minute.The bends in the road came at the last moment.At the last minute a sense of something unsaid made her hurry after him.In Madrid Casado triumphed and at the last moment Communist power was broken.At the last moment, it veered away and came to halt by a vent.
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