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the last person/thing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe last person/thingthe last person/thingEXPECTused to make a strong negative statement about someone or something She’s the last person I’d expect to meet in a disco (=I would not expect to meet her in a disco at all). Money was the last thing I cared about right now.the last thing somebody needs/wants The last thing she needed was for me to start crying too. last
Examples from the Corpus
the last person/thingHe was the last person a nerve-racked trader wanted to see.I know you had a terrible time and the last thing I meant to do was to upset you.So the last thing I want to do is watch somebody else do it.I already had two children, and the last thing I wanted was a third.Chad's the last person I would ask for advice.You know, in your heart, it is the last thing that charlatan wants.And you were the last person to see her.Kris Johnson will be the last person to wear Marques' No. 54.The last thing we wanted was to go into debt.
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