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the last straw

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe last strawthe last straw (also the straw that breaks the camel’s back)LAST the last problem in a series of problems that finally makes you give up, get angry etc Making me work late on Friday was the last straw. straw
Examples from the Corpus
the last strawAnd they felt that the pressures of her work had been the last straw.My getting this malignancy is the last straw, in her opinion.Sending in bailiffs was the last straw.Making me work late on a Friday was the last straw!For some reason that Jinny did not quite understand, it was the last straw.Suzy lying to me about the money was the last straw.Recruitment of 40 top staff was the last straw.For some, the effort to silence Zundel was the last straw.Mr Brown said the planned charges were the last straw for customers already angry over banks' high-handed attitude.His electoral thefts were the last straw.
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