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the (latest) thing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe (latest) thingthe (latest) thinginformalFASHIONABLE something that is popular or fashionable at the moment When Amelia bought a new car it had to be the latest thing. thing
Examples from the Corpus
the (latest) thingTogether they run a store that could have sold Grandma all the things she needed.It turned illusory even the things on which she had fixed in the attempt to make the strange world real.People have a tendency to forget the things that happened that are good.On the other hand, one of the things that marks an emerging market as attractive is access to large markets.Those are some of the things unions need to do to put the fight back in people.We love the way everyone joins in the spirit of the thing.I began to go over the things that needed to be done after he had left for the office.Twenty years ago, "Pong" was the latest thing in video games.Those were the things that seemed real and that she clung to.
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