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the left/somebody’s left

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe left/somebody’s leftthe left/somebody’s leftthe side of your body that contains your heart opp righton/to the left (of something) Take the next road on the left. Our house is just to the left of the school.on/to somebody’s left On your left you can see the Houses of Parliament. left
Examples from the Corpus
the left/somebody’s leftAs the train left, looking at her watch, she tried not to think that Edmund was by now already surely married.The mechanism requires some form of communication between the right and left eyes.They varied only according to whether the approach was from the right or left.He placed the food on the kang and left dispiritedly.The murder is perfectly executed, except that the baseball bat left at the scene of the crime is sticky with fingerprints.A: It is going to still be difficult to heal the wounds that the war left.While pressure was maintained in front, other units swung to the right and left.It broke up the crew and left the cameraman shaking underneath his camera.
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