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the line/path of least resistance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe line/path of least resistancethe line/path of least resistanceEASYif you follow the path of least resistance, you avoid making difficult decisions and choose the easiest solution to a problem – often used to show disapproval Many people don’t make changes because they’re following the path of least resistance. Kirk always just takes the line of least resistance. resistance
Examples from the Corpus
the line/path of least resistancePolitical will in such situations is a low explosive, blasting along the lines of least resistance.The priesthood built itself and if we help it along we are only following the line of least resistance.Pretty soon, the water, which follows the path of least resistance, has its own plan for your driveway.If you take the line of least resistance or fail to be consistent, you will actually make things worse.When it constructs its tunnel underground the rabbit, naturally enough, takes the line of least resistance.Usually he just takes the line of least resistance.
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