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the links

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe linksthe linksa piece of ground near the sea where golf is played syn golf links link
Examples from the Corpus
the linksFor nearly a decade, the Links series from Access has done more to advance computer golf than any other title.The clip from the game you can watch from the links on the right is for gamers aged over 18.As it happened, the links he had remade were with the Magharba in Ajdabiya.I only started to make the links when the dampness started to affect my mental health.Producing the links Considerable attention is often given to trying to make sense of an incident.Secondly, the links between heritage culture and the heritage industry were made explicit.Point to the links between racialist language of the police and the labelling process.Previously the possibility that Honda viewed the links as only short-term could not be ruled out.
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