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the little/small matter of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe little/small matter of somethingthe little/small matter of somethingspokenREMIND/MAKE somebody REMEMBER something that is not important or not difficult – used when you really think something is important or difficult He seemed unworried by the small matter of the war that was in progress. There’s the small matter of tonight’s game if we are to reach the finals. matter
Examples from the Corpus
the little/small matter of somethingWhat about the small matter of the rest of the season?There's also the little matter of thirty-three shroud lines loops!His manifesto, of course, concerns the small matter of his life.There remains, as ever, the little matter of finance.On a good day, the building would be almost entirely rented-apart from the small matter of signing the contract.But first there's the small matter of a semi-final clash that has split the household down the middle.This operation was tricky because there was the little matter of taking off my trousers and putting on my shorts.Then there was the small matter of my physical fitness.
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