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the Liturgy

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Liturgythe LiturgyRRCthe written form of these services liturgy
Examples from the Corpus
the LiturgyThis led to developments in both music and the Liturgy which were probably more far-reaching than the Council Fathers anticipated.People spoke with their neighbors in the church before the liturgies.Jim gave the liturgy planning team his tentative approval and waited to see how the community and the archdiocese would react.First, healing became a much more central activity, with much of the liturgy and preaching revolving around it.There are many important links between them, as also with the Constitution on the Liturgy.The great cantors developed their own special variations on the liturgy, largely on the basis of folk tradition.But his hopes of superseding the liturgy with any such matter were doomed to failure.The first of the major considerations by the Council Fathers was given to the Liturgy and its music, as well as sacred art.
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