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the mainstream

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe mainstreamthe mainstreamORDINARYthe most usual ideas or methods, or the people who have these ideas or methodsthe mainstream of Environmental ideas have been absorbed into the mainstream of European politics. Genet started as a rebel, but soon became part of the literary mainstream. mainstream
Examples from the Corpus
mainstream ofThey are drop-outs from the mainstream of career progression.But in the ninth century too, Vikings belonged in the mainstream of economic activity within the Frankish world.Lee is a working attorney undeniably in the mainstream of that community.As a consequence this response breaks with the traditional obsession of the mainstream of corporate law scholarship.Those who rejected the conventional view and took up the cause of Czechoslovakian children were largely outside the mainstream of refugee aid.Bearded and dignified, Aitken was an original thinker who remained outside the mainstream of scientific activity.It is satisfying to note that the mainstreaming of special learners into regular instructional situations may at last get us there.
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