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the man

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe manthe manspoken a) MANused to talk about a man you dislike, a man who has done something stupid etc Don’t listen to him – the man’s a complete idiot. b) The Man American English old-fashionedIN CHARGE OF someone who has authority over you, especially a police officer man
Examples from the Corpus
The ManIt was a terrible place, he said. The men were dying like flies, of fever.The man is funny. The man works hard.The black hot suffocated. The men worked steadily on, taking long breaks at the height of the day.We... arranged the violets in our caps. The men in the rank laughed at our proceedings..Primo and his friends all signed the petition. The man behind the table gave a speech.He sees the younger man's gun trained on him. The man wears rubber gloves.