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the man/woman in the street

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe man/woman in the streetthe man/woman in the street (also the man/woman on the street)ORDINARY the average person, who represents the general opinion about things The man on the street assumes that all politicians are corrupt. street
Examples from the Corpus
the man/woman in the streetBut the man in the street will say: how can it get worse?Then comes the whip, the sudden vicious reminder of the man in the street.The advertising industry has to know exactly what the man in the street is thinking.That's what the man in the street wants.The Alliance Party had a slightly Roman Catholic image with the man in the street.One of the men in the street ran to open the door, then another man pushed him.This latest legislation will not really affect the man or woman in the street.Like most of the women in the street, Pat Johnstone had been angered by it all.He picked up the women in the street.
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