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the many

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe manythe manyformalPERSON/PEOPLE a very large group of people, especially the public in general This war is another example of the few sacrificing their lives for the many. many
Examples from the Corpus
the manyThese economic policies have resulted in less for the many and more for the few.Banks are busily designing privately placed securities that exploit the many available tax loopholes.One possibility relates to the many cases where plural reference is made under conditions which our results show to be relatively unfavourable.To determine whether he had, in fact, managed to comply with the many letters of various laws.Mental hurdles are proving as tough to handle as the many physical ones presented by the Sonics.This section discusses some of the many separate factors that affect the decision.This brings me back to one of the many things shared by all three races.One thing we experience in reading these poems is the many ways one human being can care about another.These are among the many works in the Biennial that succeed.
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