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the march of time/history/progress etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe march of time/history/progress etcthe march of time/history/progress etcformalCONTINUE/NOT STOP the way that things happen or change over time and cannot be stopped You can’t control the march of science. She was desperate to halt the march of time upon her face and figure. march
Examples from the Corpus
the march of time/history/progress etcLike Franco, Arrese was trying to hold back the march of history.New discoveries have opened up all kinds of possibilities for holding back the march of time.This little community is still in existence, largely untouched by the march of time.But in 1874-not ten years earlier or later-city and nation endured a painful pause in the march of progress.They succeeded because they brought hope to the losers whom the march of progress had left behind.At present these are banned, as are crossbows, but will these eventually be admitted with the march of progress?
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