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the masses

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe massesthe massesPERSON/PEOPLEall the ordinary people in society who do not have power or influence The trains provided cheap travel for the masses. mass
Examples from the Corpus
the massesDonald Reid Cabral took over, but he had almost no following among the masses.Just as long, that is, as the masses do not mind interminable delays.The BeBox is not ready for the masses.Lenin's position depended on the support of the masses.Divorced from any clear patronage, western artists were free to look inwards and to ignore the tastes of the masses.By contrast, the large zebra lives on the masses of low quality stem material.Henry Ford made automobiles affordable to the masses.Television has brought cheap entertainment to the masses.The representatives of the middle classes were quite prepared to leave the movies to the masses.Except on weekends, when the masses come to see them.Whatever can not be shared with the masses is taboo to me.
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