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the means of production

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe means of productionthe means of productionTIPEthe material, tools, and equipment that are used in the production of goods means
Examples from the Corpus
the means of productionIt would be foolish to nationalize all the means of production.The dominant class, the capitalists, own and control the means of production and thereby exploit the subordinate working class.The power of the ruling class therefore stems from its ownership and control of the means of production.Finally, the owner-worker cleavage involves questions of labour exploitation and control over the means of production.The bourgeoisie class own the means of production, the proletariat do not.Since managers are in control, they effectively own the means of production.But it did not own the means of production.A class in itself is simply a social group whose members share the same relationship to the means of production.Classes did not exist since all members of society shared the same relationship to the means of production.
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