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the mechanics of (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe mechanics of (doing) somethingthe mechanics of (doing) somethingthe way in which something works or is done The mechanics of the process are quite complex. mechanic
Examples from the Corpus
the mechanics of (doing) somethingCouncil members actively began to seek information about the mechanics of housing rehabilitation programs in other cities.The passages that follow illustrate the mechanics of this type of metaphor.Exhibit 4. 6 illustrates the mechanics of this process.A lack of knowledge of the mechanics of the council may prejudice the success of a good proposal.For more on the mechanics of doing this see Behaviour modification on page 16.We then use the diagram to go over the mechanics of monetary and fiscal policy.He scooped up the heavy wet snow, digging hard, his mind ticking through the mechanics of a last nifty illusion.He may not understand the mechanics of cooking, but he certainly enjoys fine food.Yes, your garden-master was only a puppet, and yes, the mechanics of it were built by others in Spiderglass.
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