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the Messiah

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Messiahthe Messiaha) RRCJesus Christ, who Christians believe has been sent by God to save the world from evil b) RRa great religious leader who, according to Jewish belief, will be sent by God to save the world messiah
Examples from the Corpus
the MessiahNothing remained except for the Messiah to reveal himself and build the Third Temple.To followers, he is more than just a guiding light - he is the Messiah.Formerly it heralded special occasions and, it is said, will be blown to announce the coming of the Messiah.And their very definition of the Messiah had been hi-jacked and twisted into something radically different.When faced with the suffering of the Messiah.They did not want to wait until the Messiah came riding on his donkey.Very ordinary ladies, but worshipped their brother as if he was the Messiah.This was the gift through which the Messiah had accomplished his work.
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