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the military

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe militarythe militaryPMthe military forces of a country syn the forces He was never tempted to join the military.in the military My brother is in the military. The military was sent in to break up the demonstration.GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?The military is usually followed by a singular verb: The military is helping with the relief effort.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The military are helping with the relief effort. military
Examples from the Corpus
in the militaryThis trade-off may be acceptable in the military and aerospace fields, but not in the commercial field.It is time to call in the military.It was said he was aware of what early skirmishing over gays in the military had done to Bill Clinton's agenda.Investment in the military by a state enhances its security only at the expense of its neighbours.Just stop and think: How many rich people do you know in the military?The family were then living in the military camp at Harmoumou.If you happen to be among the more affluent yourself, ask yourself if you have any relatives in the military.Women trainees in the military do have some power.There have been many studies of women in the military.
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