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the Mob

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Mobthe MobSCCSSOthe mafia (=a powerful organization of criminals) mob
Examples from the Corpus
the MobMany of them were, with reason, frightened of the Shahs desperate attempt to find scapegoats to appease the mobs.The Headmaster was having difficulty in controlling the mob.Finding the prisoners gone, the mob began to search for an object on which to vent its anger.With added momentum, the mob turned its vengeance on the black populace.Wuhan was in an uproar when they arrived, its streets nearly impossible because of the mobs.They were part of the mob who begged for candy and advertised their sisters to the GIs.Their car had hardly turned the corner when the mob arrived and smashed the house to pieces.As if He'd have any time for us with the mob of Holy Joes He's got to see to.
the mobthe mobold useSSPOOR an insulting expression meaning all the poorest and least educated people in society mob
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