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the moment of truth

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe moment of truththe moment of truthFIND OUTthe time when you will find out if something will work properly, be successful etc moment
Examples from the Corpus
the moment of truthThe moment of truth came when I tasted the sauce.However, after a few weeks, cinema audiences dropped dramatically and the moment of truth arrived.An interesting study, this, of the varying techniques with which different men approached the moment of truth.It has become conscious of its history, and is approaching the moment of truth.They felt sure that at the moment of truth in the polling booth most voters will consider their wallets.This is the moment of truth for the Lions the six build-up provincial games can be forgotten.A-level students reach the moment of truth.And so the moment of truth.Is this the moment of truth, he wrote, or the greatest temptation?
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