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the movies

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe moviesthe moviesAMF a) the cinema We took the kids to the movies. In those days, we went to the movies every week.at the movies Why were you at the movies all by yourself? b) films in general, and the events in themin (the) movies He couldn’t believe his luck. It was the sort of thing that only happened in the movies. c) the business of producing films a career in the movies movie
Examples from the Corpus
the moviesThe albums, the television appearances, the movies.Grisham's new book is being developed for the movies.Already highly successful in popular music, dance and commercial television, blacks have found the movies a tougher nut to crack.In social terms these were tough times and certainly there seemed to be a new excitement in the movies.They never had bowel trouble in the movies.After his attack on Hollywood, Dole admitted that he had not seen some of the movies he had panned.Gene Kelly, the dancer and choreographer who was always pushing to teach the movies new steps, died Friday at 83.Her father coped with disappointment by going to the movies instead of work and by taking out his frustrations on his wife.
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