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the multitude(s)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe multitude(s)the multitude(s)ORDINARYordinary people, especially when they are thought of as not being very well educated Political power has been placed in the hands of the multitude. multitude
Examples from the Corpus
the multitude(s)The major problems for the recognition application are the multitude of possible syntactic representations postulated by the look-up and the computation required.Mrs Grindlewood-Gryke had spared no expense to feed the multitude.Protection has spared not the multitudes but the stragglers.Such were only a few of the multitude of his accomplishments.The best value of all, however, comes via the multitude of entrepreneurs offering deeply discounted hotel rates and rentals.He went straight into the town and entered the marketplace fearlessly, at the time when the multitude filled it.Voltaire was wrong, of course, about the degree to which the multitude would live in happiness and peace.The rich got richer, while the multitude struggled just to survive.Meanwhile the king held informal discussions with the multitude.
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