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the natural/animal/plant world

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe natural/animal/plant worldthe natural/animal/plant worldHBLIVING/ALIVEall of nature, or all animals or plants considered as a group the wonders of the natural world world
Examples from the Corpus
the natural/animal/plant worldHe can live in and accept the natural world, yet his soul lofts upward.In that casual gesture she trampled upon an awesome human achievement and upon great sacrifices contributed by the natural world.It is not true that the will to power alone characterises the animal world.Similarly, these continuing contests in the natural world were leading to areas which were specialised in their functions.We must learn to accept it as a law of the natural world.However we have seen that quantum theory places considerable restraint on a plain man's objectivist view of the natural world.The focus today is not the predicted disappearance of order but the abundance of it throughout the natural world.
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