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the nearest thing/equivalent to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe nearest thing/equivalent to somethingthe nearest thing/equivalent to somethingthe thing you have that is most like a particular type of thing He’s the nearest thing to a father I’ve got. near
Examples from the Corpus
the nearest thing/equivalent to somethingThat and the fact that it lost faith in the nearest thing to a charismatic it had had since Rose Fox.It was the nearest thing to a coherent defence system yet seen at Verdun.So let us accept that I am the nearest thing to a father that Nana has available.The United Nations General Assembly has been called the nearest thing to a world parliament.Here was perhaps the nearest thing to alchemy that had ever been seen in the field of politics.A little bit of sleep was the nearest thing to consolation left for people like us.Still, as Jane belonged nowhere, Sussex became the nearest thing to home.I think she and Phil were the nearest thing to soccer hooligans that canoeing can produce.
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