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the Net

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Netthe Net (also the net) the system that allows millions of computer users around the world to exchange information syn the web Bruce spends most evenings surfing the Net (=looking at information in different places on the Internet).on the Net You might find something on the Net. net
Examples from the Corpus
the NetAfter a while, Swamp invited me to join the rest of the bowlers in the nets.I run the nets out to the full extent and erect them on the return journey.Hidden in the Net is the mystery of the Invisible Hand-control without authority.After eleven minutes it looked as though the changes would work, when John headed into the net from a centre by Hulme.In addition to inaugurating a new era of news, PointCast is pioneering an innovative way to advertise on the Net.Because I think the Net fundamentally undermines the continued existence of the nation-state, which is already past its economic usefulness.In a child-centred class of 30 children it is easy for some to slip through the net and learn nothing.Ultimately, the net effect of the Bettelheim uproar was-not much.
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