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the odd occasion/day/moment/drink etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe odd occasion/day/moment/drink etcthe odd occasion/day/moment/drink etcespecially British EnglishSOMETIMES a few occasions, days etc that happen at various times but not often and not regularly syn occasional Lack of sleep doesn’t matter on the odd occasion. I take the odd day off work. I like the odd glass of wine with my dinner. Jo smokes the odd cigarette. odd
Examples from the Corpus
the odd occasion/day/moment/drink etcWe've been working on the Panch Chule expedition for a year, but it's just the odd day basically.Not on the odd occasion, but each time they took this fit.This doesn't matter on the odd occasion; it is only a problem if it occurs regularly.However, on the odd occasion that I purchase fish elsewhere, I do quarantine the fish for two weeks.On the odd occasion the jollities would get out of hand and the fists would fly.We just used to banter, have the odd drink together, fool around in the snow.
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