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the off-season

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe off-seasonthe off-seasonBUSY PLACE a) the time of year when not many people are taking holidays syn low season, → high seasonin the off-season Most hotels are closed in the off-season. b) American English the time of year when a sport is not usually played syn close season British English off-season
Examples from the Corpus
in the off-seasonPrices for its 311 rooms range from $ 259 in the off-season to $ 710 for suites with a view in season.During the off-season, rates start at $75 per night for a cabin that sleeps two.When I played pro ball, I'd volunteer and coach in the off-season.It may reduce in hours and often the tasks to be done change, but it continues in the off-season.Even in the off-season, McBride has little time to relax.He will have to have surgery in the off-season to remove bone chips in his elbow.This generates traffic in the off-season.
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