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the old country

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe old countrythe old countryespecially American EnglishSANCOUNTRY/NATION the country that you were born in, but that you no longer live in, used especially to mean Europe old
Examples from the Corpus
the old countryA change of citizenship did not of course imply a divorce from the old country.I remember hearing stories in my childhood about how women like that were stoned to death in the old country.Real yearning for the old country.They were very religious people that come over here from the old country.It is one of the oldest country houses in Northamptonshire.So what if Uncle Cedric escaped from the Old Country one step ahead of the law?In the Old Country people developed a special taste for TSHUHlnt, since it was different from ordinary cooked meals.If Kevin wanted a root in the old country, then this, she decided, must be it.
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