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the open air

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe open airthe open airOUT/OUTSIDEoutdoorsin the open air The dancing was outside, in the open air. Jane wanted to rush to the door and get out into the open air. open-air open
Examples from the Corpus
in the open airEach summer, they perform a play in the open air.Mexicans traditionally dry chillies in the open air.It begins with a wedding celebration taking place in the open air.John Wesley preached at North Cave in 1761, probably in a barn or in the open air.It was nice to be out in the open air after being stuck in the office all day.Mervyn liked best to work alone, in the open air, and was very observant.There are at present opportunities to undertake agricultural and horticultural work in the open air at 23 young offender institutions.Generally feels better in the open air, except the eyes which stream.An 1874 picture by one Dudley P.. Flanders shows a circus performing in the open air in Tucson.Outside, in the open air, it was glorious.Discomfort in the open air was far preferable to him.
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