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the Orient

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Orientthe Orientold-fashionedSG the eastern part of the world, especially China and Japan orient
Examples from the Corpus
the OrientBut in the Orient Hsu Fu could also be a spiritual and religious icon, a figure to be revered.For there is in the Orient no interest in the individual as such, or in unique, unprecedented facts or events.This unthinkable predicament of modernity in the Orient is what now confronts the West in the Gulf.IsabelIa responded warmly to the promise that the explorer would extend Christendom and convert people of the Orient to Catholicism.Learned geographers of the day insisted that adventurers could reach the Orient by sailing westward.This morning, the Cheltenham restaurant, the Orient Rendezvous, was closed.Duty here, therefore, does not mean at all what it means throughout the Orient.
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