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the other day/morning/week etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe other day/morning/week etcthe other day/morning/week etcRECENTLYused to say that something happened recently, without saying exactly when I saw Rufus the other day. other
Examples from the Corpus
the other day/morning/week etcC., your man Stafford called the other day.He won on his seasonal debut at Chepstow last month and wasn't at all disgraced when third at Ascot the other day.I caught Cam looking at me the other day.I had a letter from Benedicta the other day.Isn't the sea calmer than the other day?I just saw one the other day, buying cheese.Yeah, she did that the other day in the car.Another feller came the other day to get some, too.
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