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the other way around/round

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe other way around/roundthe other way around/roundOPPOSITE/REVERSEthe opposite of what you have just mentioned I always thought that rugby was a rougher game than football, but in fact it’s the other way round. Students practise translating from French to English and the other way around. other
Examples from the Corpus
the other way around/roundIt may also be more accurate to say that the user responds to the system rather than the other way around.It only works the other way round.Language, I have learned, by writing about this, gives birth to feeling, not the other way around.Right now, that is the other way around.What is more, in Britain in the 1980s it was the other way round.Only it should really have been the other way around, when you get right down to it.The question is better put the other way around: will Californians pay much attention to the politicians?
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