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the other woman

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe other womanthe other womanused to refer to a woman with whom a man is having a sexual relationship, even though he already has a wife or partner He left his wife and child and moved in with the other woman. other
Examples from the Corpus
the other womanShe resolved to find out about the other woman.Her hair was fair, so that I thought for a moment of the other woman I had met recently, Elizabeth Lavenza.The father never guessed any of the other women in the room.Lakshmiamma, a lace-maker in Narsapur, gave a talk to the other women recently.Hilda returned to her seat next to Omite, while the other women seemed to form a circle that excluded her.She cries a little when one of the other women stops to talk.I couldn't believe it when the other woman turned out to be my next-door neighbor.Carrie's only problem was the other woman who worked in the dining rooms.Eva was more lucid than most of the other women, yet she never got out of the locked ward.
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