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the outside

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe outsidethe outsidea) the part or surface of something that is furthest from the centre opp insidethe outside of The outside of the house was painted white. b) OUT/OUTSIDEthe area around something such as a building, vehicle etc opp insidefrom the outside From the outside, it looked like any other big warehouse. c) OUT/OUTSIDEsomeone who is on or from the outside is not involved in an activity or does not belong to a particular group, organization etc opp insidefrom the outside Influences from the outside can undermine the values you want to teach your children.on the outside To anyone on the outside, our marriage seemed perfect. outside
Examples from the Corpus
on the outsideIt's impossible for anyone on the outside to fully understand the judge's reasoning.They don't trust anyone on the outside, anyone who appears to be on the outside.I like music that's cold on the outside.Life on the outside was not as easy as he'd first thought.A coating is often then placed on the outside for additional protection.They were stuck on the outside like cheerleaders.Cara was furious, though on the outside she appeared perfectly calm.He uncurled her fingers and reset the fist with the thumb on the outside.I want to put the computer world around you on the outside.