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the pair of you/them

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe pair of you/themthe pair of you/themBritish English spokenANGRY used when you are angry or annoyed with two people Oh, get out, the pair of you. pair
Examples from the Corpus
the pair of you/themHe wades in among the pair of them, grabs their studded leather collars and starts yanking them away.See you, you've made me right angry, the pair of you!They lay in each other's arms, as if what they had done together had broken the pair of them.The last time I had filled the pair of them was exactly two weeks ago, when the students left.There were milk and buns laid out inside for the pair of them.I know you were kicking up a dust last night, the pair of you.A pail of ice-cold water over the pair of them would have been the best idea.I remember when I found out Mandy was sleeping with that geek Kevin, I felt like throttling the pair of them.
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