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the Palace

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Palacethe Palaceespecially British English the people who live in a palace – used in news reports The Palace has announced that the Duke and Duchess are to separate. palace
Examples from the Corpus
the PalaceE., destroyed the first version of the palaces.And one who has arguably the toughest brief of all the carvers at the palace.Some here saw the presence of troops at the palace as implicit support for Bucaram.There are several rooms in the Palace, so users can jump from site to site.That might well denote a private problem of your own, not involving the Palace at all.On your right glance at the windows of the palace of 1493.Carlson had never been permitted to visit the Palace before.
the Palacethe Palacean informal name for Buckingham Palace, used especially to mean the British queen or king and his/her advisers A spokesman for the Palace confirmed that Her Majesty would be visiting South Africa next year. Palace
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